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JD Match: An idea whose time is long overdue
Let’s face it; legal recruiting has simply not kept pace with recruiting developments in other professions and industries. For over 60 years medical students and hospital residencies have been matched based on mutual interest in a seamless, orderly, cost-efficient manner. Other industries bring on lower-level workers for a fraction of the cost legal recruiters lay out. And, it is almost standard outside the legal industry to understand how “company-compatible” potential hires are.
Enter JD Match, a 21st Century improvement to legal recruiting.
JD Match is a simple idea – give firms and other legal recruiters, law students and lawyers more information to make better hiring and career decisions. Put it all online so counterparties can find each other easily, cost-efficiently any time, anywhere.
JD Match returns control to those hiring and job seekers, helping to circumvent the interference and costs of “middlemen” and gatekeepers who impose costs on the process without contributing value.
We have some powerful tools and information not available anywhere else:
One is an algorithm (patent-pending) that helps firms find desirable students who want to be at their firm
We have robust search engines allowing legal recruiters to find needles in a haystack.
Candidates can discover new opportunities at legal employers they may not even have been aware of.

We launched the student version of JD Match in May 2011. Since that time, 1 out of 5 students on a firm’s short list were connected with those firms, comparable to results of on campus interviewing. Firms have hired JD Match student members – even at schools where they didn’t interview.

Joining and using JD Match is drop-dead simple. The user interface and navigation are intuitive and easy to follow. Our coders did the hard work so you don’t have to.

JD Match has been developed with great inputs from legal recruiters, students and lawyers. Nothing on JD Match is mandatory; it is simply an additional option to current recruiting practices.

Please contact us to learn how JD Match can help make the recruitment process easier, less costly for all.

New kinds of information

The robust JD Match algorithm can generate a wide range of recruiting data that has never before been available.
From this data comes JD Reports, which provide entirely new types of reports that firms and schools can use to track their progress and refine their strategies. Firms can know, among other things, how well they fared against their competition—which firms they lost candidates to and which firms they bested. Law schools can track their students’ progress online over the course of OCI, and can help them adjust their strategies based on real-time information.
Over time, as historical data is acquired, JD Reports will grow in scope, sophistication, and its ability to spot trends,
Matches, not mismatches
Under any recruiting system, the consequences of a mismatch are inevitably costly, to both the firm and the new associate. JD Match reduces the likelihood of such a mismatch by delivering real-time market information that allows firms and students to more accurately assess their marketability and adjust their expectations accordingly.
The algorithm brings a new transparency to the process, helping both parties focus on their more likely matches—the ones with the best chance of succeeding.

Who’s behind JD Match?

JD Match is brought to you by Bruce MacEwen and Janet Stanton, who are also the two people behind Adam Smith, Esq., one of the most widely read online publications in the legal industry, and a consultancy addressing the economics of law firms including strategy, finance, compensation, cultural considerations, leadership, and more.

Credit where credit is due

JD Match owes an enormous debt of gratitude to the underlying intellectual insight and the ceaselessly inspiring personal support of Ashish Nanda, Robert Braucher Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School as well as being Faculty Director of Executive Education and Research Director at the Program on the Legal Profession and the Center on Lawyers and the Professional Services Industry.
Ashish was one of the first to write convincingly of potential mechanisms to improve the dysfunctional law student recruiting marketplace; we have followed where he led.


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