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At last, a way
to recruit law students
that actually makes sense

Adam Smith, Esq. presents JD Match.
The recruiting platform that gives you greater control over how you recruit

If your firm has been looking for a more rational and cost effective way to recruit entry-level candidates, JD Match is your answer.

JD Match matches the right firms to the right candidates

During the recruiting seasons each year for 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls and clerks, JD Match introduces a more rational process. For the first time, a patent-pending matching algorithm melds the wish lists of every member law firm with those of every member candidate leading to matches based on mutual interest.

As a result of this melding, the ranked preferences of both firms and students are matched up, so that each firm can then make job offers to those of their preferred candidates who also wish to work at that firm.
JD Match optimizes the preferences of all firms and candidates, giving both their best chance at a strong, lasting relationship.

New kinds of information – not available anywhere else
The robust JD Match site also extends the reach of firms to discover great candidates they haven’t met or may be at schools they don’t visit. Certainly a source for cost savings.
Only JD Match tells you which students have ranked a firm highly. This new information provides firms valuable, new insights on which candidates they call back or make offers to.
Matches, not mismatches
Nobody likes the current system. In the competition for top candidates, offers and acceptances are forever out of synch. Firms and schools look for an edge. Offers close sooner. Anxiety reigns. Costs mount.
As a result, too many firms hire the wrong candidates. Too many students go with the wrong firms. And too many junior associates end up leaving, wasting the substantial investment of firms that never should have hired them in the first place.
Finally, for approximately the cost of visiting one school, JD Match brings more control and transparency to firm recruiting processes.

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If your firm wants more control in the recruiting process, this is your chance. Go to the JD Match Signup Page right now.
How JD Match works

Sign up at and specify the number of hiring slots you have available by office, if that’s how you hireFollow your normal recruiting practices: conduct OCI, as always, and determine which candidates you’re most interested in And you can preview students who meet criteria you specify, whether or not you’ve met or know them (JD Reach)You can know which students ranked your firm highly (JD Guide) before or during OCIAt, rank your candidates in order of preference (students will, in the meantime, similarly rank their desired firms) On several successive Match Days – during the Fall recruiting season – the algorithm matches the preferences of each firm to the preferences of each candidate, to fill each available slot with the best available candidateIf there are still unfilled positions at the end of the recruiting season, you don’t have to start over. JD Recommends is the service that identifies unmatched students you may not know about, but whose qualities are similar to those candidates you’ve ranked highly.
If your firm has been waiting for a more rational way to recruit students, this is your chance. Go to the JD Match Signup Page right now.

It’s easy to become a JD Match member firm. At Signup, here is all you do:
Provide a profile of your firm – as detailed or succinct as you like – including, for example, a link to the careers area of your websiteList your student candidates in order of preference using JD Reach and JD Guide to find great candidatesUpdate your student preferences at any time.