For students

At last, a sane way
to land a job with a law firm

JD Match.
Your best chance of getting offers from the firms
you most want to work for

You have your wish list, right? You know, more or less, which law firms you want to work for and which ones you don’t.

Law firms have their wish lists, too. They know, more or less, which students they really want to hire.

Finally, there’s a way to bring all the wish lists of all the law students and all the law firms together at one time, bringing much-needed sanity to the entire recruiting process.

JD Match pairs the right students to the right firms
During each year’s fall and spring recruiting season, JD Match runs an advanced algorithm that melds the wish lists of every member law student with every member law firm.

As a result of this melding, the ranked preferences of both firms and students will be matched up, so that students like you can receive job offers from the firms you’d most like to work for.
JD Match optimizes the preferences of both candidates and firms, giving each their best chance at a strong, lasting relationship.

Matches, not mismatches
Nobody likes the current system. In the competition for top candidates, offers and acceptances are forever out of synch. Firms look for an edge. Offers close sooner. Anxiety reigns. Chaos ensues.
As a result, too many firms hire the wrong candidates. Too many students go with the wrong firms. And too many junior associates end up resigning, disillusioned, and having to rethink their career plans in light of a bad experience.

This is your chance to get some control over your own recruitment.
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