Looking for a great AmLaw job? JD Match can help.

It’s never too early or, frankly, too late to increase your odds of getting a great job. Whether you’re a 1L, 2L, 3L, LLM or judicial clerk JD Match gives you extra tools to do just that. We can:

Give you more chances of finding a job;
Help you find terrific firms you or your school’s career services may not be aware of-or firms that simply can’t take advantage of OCI at your school.
Enable firms seeking the very characteristics you possess to find you–24/7/365

And it’s free for students and clerks.

Here’s how it works

JD Match introduces sophisticated algorithms and other never-before available features. For starters, our firm/student matching algorithm is modeled on the system that’s proven its value for over 50 years in matching medical students with hospital residency programs, and has been the standard in that industry since shortly after World War II.
JD Match gives you the power to search for firms within particular size ranges, geographic regions, or categories that you find appealing. You might find a firm fitting your target characteristics that you weren’t aware of.
If you’ve been waiting for a more rational way to go through the law student/law firm recruiting process, this is your chance.

Of course, if you think OCI will provide everything you need, that’s great.

But how can you be sure?

Some wonderful regional and mid-sized firms don’t have the resources to visit every school they’d like to during the brief window of the increasingly compressed OCI season. JD Match gives those firms access to a nationwide pool of candidates, including you.

If OCI has ended and you don’t have an offer, JD Match launches a second algorithm to find unmatched students whose profiles closely resemble the profiles of students each firm likes. This information is presented to each firm to act on as they wish. So you’re not necessariy back to Square 1 if you’re offer-less after OCI.

Increasingly, firms are hiring year-round—not just during the extremely brief OCI window. With no effort on your part, except to keep your profile up-to-date, you make yourself discoverable by firms any time they’re looking to hire.

But none of this works for you unless you join.

Oh, did we mention JD Match is free for students and clerks?


Proven results

Last year was our first OCI season.

Many JD Match students were matched with firms. And many of these matches resulted in offers.

In fact, firms hired students from schools they didn’t visit.

We were very encouraged that 21% of the students firms ranked were matched with that firm. (Once a match is made, we’re out of the picture.) Matches indicate a high degree of mutual interest. And we believe this solid proportion of matches clearly demonstrates the JD Match is a viable option to current practices.

Following OCI, our recommendation algorithm presented dozens of qualified, but unmatched, students to firms.

Our member firms found JD Match helped mitigate the frenzy of OCI so they could make more thoughtful hiring decisions.

But none of this works for you unless you’re a member.

JD Match is free and doesn’t interfere with any traditional recruting practices. As many of our student members said, “Why wouldn’t I?”

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If you have been waiting for a more rational way to go through the law student/law firm recruiting process, this is your chance. Go to the JD Match Signup Page right now