BMA Group is a lawsuit funding company that services plaintiffs seeking an advances on their pending personal injury claim. We have developed attorney relationships across the country and help plaintiffs in need of financial assistance during a difficult time.

Millions of people are involved in some type of personal injury case every year. Personal injury claims can range from car accidents, medical malpractice, and premise liability cases. Any injury whether it is a small car accident or an auto accident requiring surgery, is considered a personal injury claim.

Insurance companies have tremendous resources to delay payment and ultimately pay as little as possible. By receiving an advance on your expected settlement, you can give your attorney the time and flexibility to pursue your case. Settlement loans your lawsuit can take care of pressing expenses and let your attorney maximize its value while battling with the insurance adjuster.

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Qualifying Criteria For Lawsuit Loans

For plaintiffs and lawyers, lawsuit loans are distinct.  There is a conceptual difference between attorney funding and third party plaintiff funding.  Attorneys provide legal services for their time and fees and investors invest and can reap out sized returns from those investments.  

Plaintiff advances from BMA Group will usually be between 15-20% of your total settlement.  Upon approval, BMA Group can issue funds in a variety of ways.  We can overnight a bank card to your home, offer a wire transfer, and deliver funds via Western Union or Money Gram.  

Qualifying Criteria For Lawsuit Loans

Settlement loans can help bridge the money gap between your current need and your immediate needs including living expenses.  Also, obtaining pre settlement funding can afford time for your counsel to negotiate a better final settlement.  Many insurance companies will offer a small amount to people who are in need.  Settlement loans can offer relief and give your attorney the time and space to help you get a fair settlement.  

However not all cases qualify for a settlement advance.  Many states do not allow funding or have prohibitive restrictions making funding unavailable for residences of those states.  Also, if you haven’t retained an attorney, a lawsuit cash advance is not a possibility.  In order to pursue an advance, or any type of legal funding, you need to have a lawyer because all the documentation must come from your lawyer.  Also, your law firm has to sign off on your advance and agree to repay the advance plus fees when your case resolves successfully. 

Qualifying Criteria For Lawsuit Loans

There are four steps in the process to receive a settlement loan, first you apply and all you have to do is fill out a form on our website- or you can call us and we take down your basic information and second we reach out to your attorney and request pertinent case documents.  After we approve your case, you can have funds in as little as 24 hours.  

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